Video Editing At Your Fingertips!

Do you need to create videos from images, audio files, video clips or screen grabs? Save yourself a lot of headaches by giving all of the painful parts to Video Puppet.

Video Puppet will automatically create video clips from images, align audio and video segments, add captions, and even create a life-like narration audio from your text.

To top it off, you'll be able to update the video easily when your content changes.

Go from slides to video in minutes

Instead of spending hours recording narration and then aligning audio and picture timelines, let Video Puppet turn your PowerPoint slides into videos.

Add narration to speaker notes, upload your presentation and with the push a button you’ll get a professional-quality video, ready to publish on YouTube in mere minutes.

Stop wasting time on synchronization

If your work needs a professional audio track, experiment with the automated voice until you get the content and flow right. Then, easily replace the narration with your own voice or a professionally recorded audio.

You don’t have to worry about getting the recording duration exactly right. The Puppet will align the key scenes with the new voice over automatically. You can even create translated versions of your video in different languages by using several sets of audio files.

Ideate and experiment

Compared to traditional editing tools, Video Puppet’s scripted video approach makes it much easier to ideate and experiment.

Simply edit a text file to reorder scenes. Review and edit captions and narration, then create a new video with a click of a button.

You can even customize videos for different platforms such as Instagram or YouTube, allowing you to publish to different social media sites seamlessly. A simple change to the output format creates square movies or portrait videos.

Keep videos up to date as your content evolves

Video Puppet makes it easy to keep videos up to date as your content evolves. Just upload new screenshots or change the narration, and allow the Puppet to do the rest.

This takes out the hours of traditional labor spent on recording and aligning new content, or worrying about making the sound consistent.

Software teams can even integrate the Puppet into their build pipelines, and automatically create videos to match the latest version of their product.

Video Puppet is great for:

Product marketers

Product marketers can use Video Puppet to significantly reduce the time required to explain key product features, demonstrate how to use an application or create engaging user guides. Just add screen grabs or short clips and tell the Puppet what to say. No need to learn how to use a professional video tool or pay external editors to do it.

Creative agencies

Creative agencies can use Video Puppet to prototype content significantly faster than with traditional video tools. Start with keyframe pictures and generated narration, then review and incorporate feedback in a blink. Instead of waiting for external artists or editors, work directly with customers and produce new versions as you discuss changes. Gradually replace the content with final videos and professionally recorded audio, and let the Puppet worry about synchronization.

Online educators

Online educators can use Video Puppet to create and update training courses quickly. Video Puppet lets you focus on the part that makes you unique: the content. Let the Puppet align the picture with audio, format slides, place text over the images and highlight important parts. Personalise the final version by recording your own voice and easily replace the automated narration. Video Puppet will automatically extend, speed up or freeze video clips to match the new audio length.

Software teams

Software teams can integrate Video Puppet with their asset pipeline to automatically produce up-to-date content. When your application or website changes, use Video Puppet to update product documentation videos automatically. Keep the script in a version control system to track changes and collaborate on video editing easily, or produce videos for multiple versions of your application automatically.