Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the files stored?

Your files are stored encrypted, on Amazon S3 in the US-East-1 region. Other users do not have any access to your files, even if you uploaded them without registering.

How to I sign up?

Signing up is not necessary while the application is still in beta. Just upload your assets and convert them to videos from the homepage.

How much does it cost?

During the beta phase it is free, but the size of a project is limited to 25 MB to prevent abuse. Contact us if you need more capacity.

What are the limitations

At the moment, Powerpoint slides can either be static images or videos. Embedded videos (just part of the page) are not supported, neither are transitions in Powerpoint.

I don’t like the automated voice, can I add my own

Of course. Instead of the narration property, use an audio property in the script and provide a MP3 or a WAV file. Check out this example to see how to use audio properties.

How to get narration from a Powerpoint document?

Put the text into speaker notes.

How to add breaks to narration in Powerpoint?

Use a paragraph with only a stage direction (pause: X) in the text where you want to create a pause. Replace X with the number of seconds, for example:

This is the first sentence, and we take a break after.

(pause: 2)

This is the second sentence

How to create a video script file?

Just create a YAML or JSON text file with a list of scenes. Check out the Video Script Format documentation for a quick introduction, or detailed examples for a demonstration of the key features.